EVs are changing the industry faster than we thought

Is there any question left that electric vehicles are going to seriously change the automotive industry?

Consider this story in Bloomberg, about Deutsche Post’s new electric vehicles:

This boxy, bare-bones van has no air conditioning or radio, no passenger seat and a top speed of less than 50 miles an hour. Yet the electric vehicle’s success has irked the likes of Volkswagen AG.

When Deutsche Post AG couldn’t find a zero-emission delivery van that met its needs, it bought a startup and developed one.

The barrier to entry in building vehicles drops massively with the advent of cheaper electric drive trains. And the form factor will experience wide differentiation across use cases, as it doesn’t have to strictly adhere to the workings of internal combustion engines anymore. We discusses this in one of the latest Thingonomics episodes.

Deutsche Post expects to break even on this project after just 1.500 vehicles. No wonder VW is annoyed.