Data is the new oil and everyone wants some of it, BOSE edition

Oh come on now, this is getting ridiculous. TV’s that track your viewing habits, and now it’s noise-cancelling headphones that track what you’re listening to.

And you wonder why Apple is putting the foot down on privacy?

The audio maker Bose, whose wireless headphones sell for up to $350, uses an app to collect the listening habits of its customers and provide that information to third parties—all without the knowledge and permission of the users, according to a lawsuit filed in Chicago on Tuesday.

I guess this is what happens if you preach “Data is the new Oil” long enough. Everybody wants some of it.

I’m not a Bose customer, but I’d love to see the ToS on that app. I’m fairly certain that, if they indeed engage in this behaviour, this would be illegal under several statutes here on the old continent as well, and better result in a proper slap on the wrist.