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Bio – English

Martin Spindler is heading the strategic consultancy practice Internet of People which focuses on the impact of the Internet of Things on Business Models, Product Architectures and Strategy. Clients range from Startups and SMEs to Multinationals and benefit from almost 10 years experience across both consumer and industrial markets and deep analysis of the drivers behind the next big revolution.
Martin Spindler studied at the University of Heidelberg. He lives and works in Berlin.

Bio – German

Martin Spindler ist Gründer der strategischen Beratung “Internet of People”, welche sich auf die Auswirkung des Internets der Dinge auf Geschäftsmodelle, Produktarchitekturen und Unternehmensstrategie konzentriert. Kunden rangieren von Startups und Mittelständlern bis hin zu Multinationals und profitieren von extensiver Erfahrung in sowohl Consumer- als auch Industrial-Märkten und tiefgebender Analyse der Treiber hinter der nächsten großen Revolution.


The presentation will not be made available in advance. Experience shows that last minute adjustments to previous speakers, audience composition and themes that could not be anticipated before dramatically increase how well presentations are received.

The presentation will be shown from Martin’s laptop to guarantee that it is displayed as intended.

Sound is usually not needed, unless noted specifically. The presentation laptop is a MacBook Pro with MiniDP and HDMI outputs, and an adapter for DVI.

Presentation format is 16:9.