All new London taxi’s to be “zero emissions capable” starting next year

As we’ve detailed in our newsletter, London is experiencing pretty bad air quality, mostly attributable to the exhaust of Diesel engines. The effort to tackle this starts with taxis:

From 1 January 2018, all taxis licensed for the first time must be zero emission capable, while new diesel taxis will not be allowed in London. […]

The Ultra Low Emission Zone emission standards will be in operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week within the Congestion Charging zone. Drivers who do not comply will have to pay a daily charge.

A ZEC [zero emissions capable] taxi is considered to be a pure electric or hybrid vehicle that is Euro 6 (minimum) and capable of running in zero emission (at tailpipe) mode for all or part of the time (maximum 50g/km CO2 and minimum zero-emission range of 30 miles). If the taxi has an internal combustion engine as part of a hybrid system, then it must be a petrol engine

Bear in mind that this comes from 2015. Regulation like this is outstanding, as it provides incentives for the industry to move quicker. There’s growing momentum to clean up city traffic, with curbs on diesel engines being put in place in more and more European metropolises.

I wonder how VW feels about this.